Use the solution - Scalable Analytics Using Apache Druid on AWS

Use the solution

This section provides a user guide for using the Scalable Analytics using Apache Druid on AWS solution.

Access the Druid web console

  1. Using the deployment output, get the website URL starting with druid-base-url.

  2. Open the URL in your browser (we recommend using Chrome). You will be redirected to the sign-in page for the username and password.


    During the deployment process, an administrative user account is created with the username admin. To retrieve the password for this account from AWS Secrets Manager, search for the entry with a description Administrator user credentials for Druid cluster. You have the option to use the administrative user account to sign in, or create a new user account with reduced access permissions.

  3. After signing in, the Apache Druid web console is displayed. The web console displays the Druid components deployed in your AWS account using the configuration that you used during the deployment process.

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    Apache Druid web console

For more information on how to ingest external data, refer to the Apache Druid tutorial documentation.