Appendix C: Collection of Operational Metrics - Scale-Out Computing on AWS

Appendix C: Collection of Operational Metrics

This solution includes an option to send anonymous operational metrics to AWS. We use this data to better understand how customers use this solution and related services and products. When enabled, the following information is collected and sent to AWS:

  • Solution ID: The AWS solution identifier

  • Base Operating System: The operating system selected for the solution deployment

  • Unique ID (UUID): Randomly generated, unique identifier for each solution deployment

  • Timestamp: Data-collection timestamp

  • Instance Data: Type or count of the state and type of instances that are provided for by the Amazon EC2 scheduler instance for each job in each AWS Region

  • Keep Forever: If instances are running when no job is running

  • EFA Support: If EFA support was selected

  • Spot Support: If Spot support was invoked for new auto-scaling stacks

  • Stack Creation Version: The version of the stack that is created or deleted

  • Status: The status of the stack (stack_created or stack_deleted)

  • Scratch Disk Size: The size of the scratch disk selected for each solution deployment

  • Region: The region where the stack is deployed

  • FSxLustre: If the job is using FSx for Lustre

Note that AWS will own the data gathered via this survey. Data collection will be subject to the AWS Privacy Policy. To opt out of this feature, modify the AWS CloudFormation template mapping section as follows:

Mappings: Send: AnonymousUsage Data: Yes


Mappings: Send: AnonymousUsage Data: No