Cost - Serverless Bot Framework


You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services used while running the Serverless Bot Framework solution, which can vary based on the following factors:

  • Number of Amazon API Gateway requests per month

  • Number of AWS Lambda invocations per month

  • Amazon DynamoDB write/read requests per month—the Serverless Bot Framework solution logs all interactions between the user and the solution's microservices to DynamoDB. It also logs the bot's context to maintain user's session information between microservices.

  • Number of characters processed by Amazon Polly per month: the solution uses Amazon Polly to turn text into lifelike speech to allow the serverless bot to talk to users.

  • Number of active users per month authenticated with Amazon Cognito.

  • Number of text requests to Amazon Lex per month.

This solution is based entirely on serverless AWS services. Therefore, when the solution is not in use, you only pay for data storage.

We recommend creating a budget through AWS Cost Explorer to help manage costs. For full details, see the pricing webpage for each AWS service used in this solution.

Example cost table

The following table provides an example monthly cost breakdown for deploying this solution with the default parameters in the US East (N. Virginia) Region (excludes free tier).

Table 1: 10 monthly active users, with 50,000 API requests per month with Amazon Lex

AWS Service Dimensions Cost
Amazon API Gateway 50,000 requests / month $0.17
AWS Lambda

500,000 invocations / month

(avg 300 ms duration and 128 MB memory)

Amazon Lex

50,000 text requests /month x ($0.00075 / request)


Amazon S3 Storage (0.5 GB) and 50,000 get requests / month $0.03
Amazon CloudFront

Regional data transfer out to internet: first 10 TB

Regional data transfer out to origin: all data transfer

HTTPS Requests: 50,000 requests / month X ($0.01/10,000 requests)




Amazon Polly Average 10 characters / request: 10 x 50,000 requests / month x ($4.0 / 1 million characters) $2.00
Amazon Cognito 10 user x ($0.0055 / monthly active users (MAUs)) $0.055
TOTAL: $40.50 / month