Serverless Image Handler
Serverless Image Handler

Appendix A: List of Supported Filters

The solution provides an optional demo user interface as a sample interface to more easily generate filters and tasks. This feature allows customers to interact directly with their new API endpoint using three example images (one PNG file with a transparent background and two additional JPG files). With the UI, you can experiment with all of the supported image manipulation features, preview the results, and create example URLs that you can use for all your other images.

This solution currently supports the filters listed in the table below. Append your CloudFront URL with the syntax below and image name. To use multiple filters on an image, list them in the same section of the URL. Example:


Filters process the image in the order they are specified. For detailed instructions and more options, see the Thumbor documentation.

Filter Name Filter Syntax
Background color /filters:background_color(color)/
Blur /filters:blur(7)/
Brightness /filters:brightness(40)/
Color fill /filters:fill(color)/
Contrast /filters:contrast(40)/
Convolution /filters:convolution(1;2;1;2;4;2;1;2;1,3,false)/
Equalize /filters:equalize()/
Format /filters:format(jpeg)/
Grayscale /filters:grayscale()/
Image type (jpeg,png,webp,gif) /filters:format(jpeg)/
Max bytes /filters:max_bytes(40000)/
Noise /filters:noise(40)/
Quality /filters:quality(40)/
Resize /fit-in/800x1000/
RGB /filters:rgb(20,-20,40)/
Rotate /filters:rotate(90)/
Round Corner /filters:round_corner(20,255,255,255)/
Strip ICC /filters:strip_icc(10)/
Watermark /filters:watermark(https://<imageurl,x,y,z>)
SmartCrop /smart