Appendix B: Using the Demo UI - Serverless Image Handler

Appendix B: Using the Demo UI

The solution provides an optional demo user interface that can be deployed into your AWS account to show basic capability and functionality. This UI allows you to interact directly with the new handler using images from the specified Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets in your account.

      Serverless Image Handler Demo UI

Figure 2: Serverless Image Handler Demo UI

Use the following procedure to experiment with all of the supported image editing features, preview the results, and create example URLs that you can use in your applications:

  1. In the AWS CloudFormation stack Outputs tab, select the DemoUI URL. The Serverless Image Handler demo UI opens in a new tab.

  2. On the Image Source card, specify a bucket name and image key to use for the demo. Make sure to include the file extension in the key. Note that the bucket you specify must be listed in the SOURCE_BUCKETS environment variable of the AWS Lambda function.

  3. Select Import. The original image appears in the Original Image card.

  4. In the Editor section, adjust the image settings and select Preview to generate the modified image. You can select Reset to revert the settings back to their original values.


The Serverless Image Handler demo UI offers a limited set of image edits and does not include the full scope of capabilities offered by the Image Handler API. We recommended using your own front-end application for image modification.