Appendix D: List of Supported Thumbor Filters - Serverless Image Handler

Appendix D: List of Supported Thumbor Filters

This solution currently supports the filters listed in the table below. You must append your CloudFront URL with the syntax below and image name to use the filters. To use multiple filters on an image, list them in the same section of the URL. Example:


Filters process the image in the order they are specified.


Some Thumbor filters are not supported in the current version of Serverless Image Handler. This may affect legacy users with advanced image request configurations. For examples of filter usage, see the Thumbor documentation.

Filter Name Filter Syntax
Autojpg /filters:autojpg()/
Background color /filters:background_color(color)/
Blur /filters:blur(7)/
Color fill /filters:fill(color)/
Convolution /filters:convolution(1;2;1;2;4;2;1;2;1,3,false)/
Equalize /filters:equalize()/
Grayscale /filters:grayscale()/
Image format (heic, heif, jpeg, png, raw, tiff, webp) /filters:format(image_format)
Image type (jpeg, png, gif) /filters:format(jpeg)/
No upscale /filters:no_upscale()/
Proportion /filters:proportion(0.0-1.0)/
Quality /filters:quality(0-100)/
Resize /fit-in/800x1000/
RGB /filters:rgb(20,-20,40)/
Rotate /filters:rotate(90)/
Sharpen /filters:sharpen(0.0-10.0, 0.0-2.0, true/false)/
Stretch /filters:stretch()/
Strip Exif /filters:strip_exif()/
Strip ICC /filters:strip_icc()/
Upscale /filters:upscale()
Watermark /filters:watermark(bucket,key,x,y,alpha[,w_ratio[,h_ratio]])