Serverless Image Handler
Serverless Image Handler

Appendix H: OpenCV vs Amazon Rekognition

The solution comes with OpenCV and Amazon Rekognition as the supported face detectors. By default, the solution uses Amazon Rekognition and recommends customers use it as the preferred face detector. For more information, see Thumbor detectors.

To choose your preferred detector, make the following changes in thumbor.conf:

To use OpenCV

DETECTORS = [ #'thumbor.detectors.face_detector', 'thumbor_rekognition', #'thumbor.detectors.profile_detector', #'thumbor.detectors.glasses_detector', 'thumbor.detectors.feature_detector', ]

To use Amazon Rekognition

DETECTORS = [ 'thumbor.detectors.face_detector', #'thumbor_rekognition', #'thumbor.detectors.profile_detector', #'thumbor.detectors.glasses_detector', 'thumbor.detectors.feature_detector', ]

Un-comment the needed detector and upload the thumbor.conf file. For more information, see Appendix J.