Serverless Image Handler
Serverless Image Handler

Appendix K: Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot known issues with the Serverless Image Handler solution, AWS recommends customers set the AWS Lambda environment variable LOG_LEVEL to DEBUG. This will enable you to see detailed error logs in Amazon CloudWatch. For more information about modifying environment variables, see Appendix I.

Common Errors

Malformed URL

This error can result if the security key provided in user request and the one provided to Thumbor config do not match.


Verify that both security keys match. For more information, see Appendix E.

Body Size is Too Long

If the image is larger than 6 MB, in your Amazon CloudWatch Logs you will receive the following error: body size is too long. For more information see, AWS Lambda limits.


Customize your Lambda package to save the resulting image in the Amazon S3 bucket. Currently, the solution requires you to manually update your result storage settings. For more information, see tc_aws result storage.

Data Type is Not Supported

If the data type isn’t supported in the Lambda environment variable for Thumbor config, you will receive this error. For more information, see non-string environment variables.


Configure your thumbor.conf file with the specific Thumbor parameter and customize your Lambda package. See allow_environment_variables() for more information.

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