Solution Components - Serverless Image Handler

Solution Components

In your front-end application, you can access both original and modified images by creating an image request object, stringifying and encoding that object, and appending it to the path of the Amazon CloudFront URL as shown below.

Additional resources may be provisioned or used depending on whether the following optional features are enabled:

  • Demo UI: An optional demo user interface that is deployed into your account to demonstrate the basic features of the solution. This UI allows you to interact directly with your new image handler API endpoint using image files that already exist in your account. If selected, this option deploys an additional Amazon S3 bucket and associated CloudFront distribution into your account.

  • Smart Cropping: An image request option that allows you to crop images using the facial recognition capabilities of Amazon Rekognition. To generate a cropped image, the AWS Lambda function sends requests to Amazon Rekognition to identify faces in images and calculate crop areas.