Solution components - Tamper Proof Quality Data Using Amazon QLDB

Solution components

This solution provides three input options for registering quality data into Amazon QLDB. These options are designed to demonstrate how you can interact with Amazon QLDB during the product manufacturing process. In a production environment, we recommend customizing these options for your use case.


Before registering the quality data with any of the three input options, you must first register your product information with API Gateway.

Option 1: Amazon API Gateway

APIs are used to register the product serial number (a unique ID for each product) and store aggregated metrics sent from factory equipment, such as temperature or vibration strength.

Option 2: Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is used to store related files of manufactured products, for example, captured images. The checksum of those files are stored in Amazon QLDB for accuracy verification. Also, S3 versioning is turned on to allow tracking of any overwrites of the files.

Option 3: AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core is connected to the IoT devices in factories and is used to receive quality data. The quality data is received from the message queue of AWS IoT Core and stored in Amazon QLDB through an AWS Lambda function. In this solution, AWS IoT Core is used to register the results of product inspections.