Solution components - Text Analysis with Amazon OpenSearch Service (successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service) and Amazon Comprehend

Solution components

Amazon OpenSearch Service proxy service

The Amazon OpenSearch Service proxy microservice is an AWS Lambda function that provides the business logic for all APIs. The Lambda function assumes an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role with least-privilege access to perform actions.

The solution is compatible with the native OpenSearch API, including the document API with the built-in Amazon Comprehend service preprocessing module, the cluster API, and the search API. The solution also supports a document preprocessing configuration API that instructs the OpenSearch document API on preprocessing using Amazon Comprehend.

Kibana dashboard

Sub-dashboard for entity

Amazon Comprehend provides the capability of detecting different entity types. The pre-configured entity sub-dashboard has six entity type visualization graphs as a tag cloud. This will give you an overview of a group of entity texts associated with different entity types. For more information on entity types, refer to Detect Entities in the Amazon Comprehend Developer Guide.

Kibana sub-dashboard for entities

Figure 2: Kibana sub-dashboard for entities

Sub-dashboard for sentiment

The sentiment sub-dashboard provides four visualization metrics: different sentiment count over time, histogram of different sentiment types, and the top ten positive scores and top ten negative scores with corresponding text.

Kibana sub-dashboard for sentiment

Figure 3: Kibana sub-dashboard for sentiment

Sub-dashboard for key phrases

The key phrases sub-dashboard provides two metrics: one as a tag cloud to illustrate the key phrases that are detected, and another that shows a key phrases heatmap over time.

Kibana sub-dashboard for key phrases

Figure 4: Kibana sub-dashboard for key phrases

Sub-dashboard for syntax

The syntax sub-dashboard provides the following two metrics: the VERB and NOUN text tag cloud.

Kibana sub-dashboard for syntax

Figure 5: Kibana sub-dashboard for syntax