AWS services in this solution - Video on Demand on AWS

AWS services in this solution

AWS service Description
Amazon CloudFront Core. Accelerates delivery of your video content to end users.
Amazon DynamoDB Core. Tracks source and destination file metadata and progress through the workflow.
AWS Elemental MediaConvert Core. Transcodes media files from their source format into versions that play back smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices.
AWS Lambda Core. Runs code without provisioning or managing servers.
Amazon S3 Core. Provides buckets for object storage.
Amazon SNS Core. Sends publishing, encoding, and error notifications.
Amazon SQS Core. Captures the workflow output.
AWS Step Functions Core. Builds applications from individual components that each perform a discrete function.
Amazon CloudWatch Supporting. Tracks encoding jobs.
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Supporting. Assigns granular access policies and permissions to services and users.
AWS Systems Manager Supporting. Provides application-level resource monitoring and visualization of resource operations and cost data.
AWS Elemental MediaPackage Optional. Creates video streams formatted to play on several devices from a single video input, and protects content from unauthorized use through content encryption and digital rights management.