Video on Demand on AWS
Video on Demand on AWS

Appendix B: Ingest Workflow

When a new video is added to the source Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket, an AWS Lambda function starts the ingest step function. The ingest step function includes:

      Video on demand solution ingest workflow
  • Validate Metadata - Downloads the metadata file, parses the XML or JSON data, and adds the output event data (metadata and video version only).

  • Validate Source - Checks the event data for the source video. If the solution is configured to add a watermark, checks to see if the watermark file is in the watermark folders.

  • MediaInfo - Validates the content using a signed Amazon S3 URL and adds metadata to the event data.

  • Dynamo - Takes accumulated data from each step and stores it in Amazon DynamoDB.

  • SNS - Sends an Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notification with a summary of the ingest process.

  • Process Execute - Starts the processing workflow.