Supported resources - Workload Discovery on AWS

Supported resources

The following table contains the supported resources that Workload Discovery on AWS discovers. Details are provided in the corresponding AWS documentation listing. Select the link and search for the specific resource type. Workload Discovery on AWS might find resources supported by AWS Config, but does not list them due to transitive relationships between resources. The following list provides the resources that Workload Discovery on AWS finds.

Resource type Source Description
AWS::IAM::Policy AWS Config

AWS Config docs

AWS::IAM::User AWS Config
AWS::IAM::Role AWS Config
AWS::IAM::Role_In_Line_Policy AWS Config
AWS::IAM::CustomerManagedPolicyStatement AWS Config
AWS::EC2::VPC AWS Config
AWS::EC2::Instance AWS Config
AWS::EC2::Volume AWS Config
AWS::RDS::DBInstance AWS Config
AWS::EC2::NetworkInterface AWS Config
AWS::Lambda::Function AWS Config
AWS::S3::Bucket AWS Config
AWS::DynamoDB::Table AWS Config
AWS::CloudFormation::Stack AWS Config
AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm AWS Config
AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup AWS Config
AWS::EC2::EIP AWS Config
AWS::ElasticLoadBalancing::LoadBalancer AWS Config
AWS::ElasticLoadBalancingV2::LoadBalancer AWS Config
AWS::AutoScaling::AutoScalingGroup AWS Config
AWS::EC2::NatGateway AWS Config
AWS::Elasticsearch::Domain AWS Config
AWS::KMS::Key AWS Config
AWS::CodeBuild::Project AWS Config
AWS::CodePipeline::Pipeline AWS Config
AWS::QLDB::Ledger AWS Config
AWS::Redshift::Cluster AWS Config
AWS::ApiGateway::RestApi SDK get-rest-apis
AWS::ApiGateway::Resource SDK
AWS::ApiGateway::Method SDK
AWS::ECS::Cluster SDK list-clusters
AWS::ECS::Service SDK describe-services
AWS::ECS::Task SDK describe-tasks
AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition SDK describeTaskDefinition
AWS::IAM::AWSManagedPolicy SDK getAccountAuthorizationDetails
AWS::RDS::DBCluster SDK describeDBClusters
AWS::EC2::Spot SDK describeSpotInstanceRequests
AWS::EC2::SpotFleet SDK describeSpotFleetRequests
AWS::ECS::EnvironmentVariable SDK describeTaskDefinition
AWS::VPC::Endpoint SDK describeVpcEndpoints