Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer
Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer

Implementation Considerations

Billing Model Conversion

This solution can convert individual WorkSpaces from an hourly billing model to a monthly billing model on any day once the threshold is met. If the solution converts a WorkSpace from hourly billing to monthly billing, the solution will not convert the WorkSpace to hourly billing until the beginning of the next month, if usage was below the threshold. However, you can manually change the billing model at any time using the AWS Management Console. For customers who want to change the threshold for when each Workspace converts from hourly to monthly billing, the solution’s AWS CloudFormation template includes parameters that will execute these conversions.

This solution will only convert a WorkSpace from a monthly to hourly billing model when the next billing period begins at the beginning of the month. To prevent Amazon WorkSpaces from being converted multiple times in a month, usage for monthly WorkSpaces is calculated at the end of the month. For customers who want to convert WorkSpaces from monthly billing to hourly billing immediately, the solution’s AWS CloudFormation template includes a parameter (Simulate End of Month) that will execute these conversions at the time of deployment.

Opting Out with Tags

To prevent the solution from converting a WorkSpace between billing models, you can apply a resource tag to the WorkSpace using the tag key Skip_Convert and any tag value. This solution will log tagged WorkSpaces, but it will not convert the tagged WorkSpaces. Remove the tag at any time to resume automatic conversion for that WorkSpace.

Regional Deployment

You must launch the Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer solution in an AWS Region that supports both the AWS Lambda and Amazon WorkSpaces services. However, once deployed, the Lambda function will monitor the WorkSpaces in any AWS Region. (For the most current AWS Lambda availability by region, see