Optimized integrations for Step Functions - AWS Step Functions

Optimized integrations for Step Functions

The following topics include the supported APIs, parameters, and request/response syntax in the Amazon States Language for coordinating other AWS services. The topics also provide example code. You can call Optimized integrations services directly from the Amazon States Language in the Resource field of a Task state.

You can use three service integration patterns:

Standard Workflows and Express Workflows support the same integrations but not the same integration patterns.

  • Optimized integrations pattern support is different for each integration.

  • Express Workflows do not support Run a Job (.sync) or Wait for Callback (.waitForTaskToken).

  • For more information, see Standard vs. Express Workflows.

Standard Workflows
Supported service integrations
Service Request Response Run a Job (.sync) Wait for Callback (.waitForTaskToken)
Optimized integrations Amazon API Gateway
Amazon Athena
AWS Batch
Amazon Bedrock
AWS CodeBuild
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon ECS/Fargate
Amazon EKS
Amazon EMR
Amazon EMR on EKS
Amazon EMR Serverless
Amazon EventBridge
AWS Glue
AWS Glue DataBrew
AWS Lambda
AWS Elemental MediaConvert
Amazon SageMaker
Amazon SNS
Amazon SQS
AWS Step Functions
AWS SDK integrations Over two hundred
Express Workflows