AWS Storage Gateway
User Guide (API Version 2013-06-30)

Creating Tapes


You are charged only for the amount of data you write to the tape, not the tape capacity.

You can use AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) to encrypt data written to a virtual tape that is stored Amazon S3. Currently, you can do this by using the AWS Storage Gateway API Reference. For more information, see CreateTapes or create-tapes.

To create virtual tapes

  1. In the navigation pane, choose the Gateways tab.

  2. Choose Create tapes to open the Create tape dialog box.

  3. For Gateway, choose a gateway. The tape is created for this gateway.

  4. For Number of tapes, choose the number of tapes you want to create. For more information about tape limits, see AWS Storage Gateway Limits.

  5. For Capacity, type the size of the virtual tape you want to create. Tapes must be larger than 100 GiB. For information about capacity limits, see AWS Storage Gateway Limits.

  6. For Barcode prefix, type the prefix you want to prepend to the barcode of your virtual tapes.


    Virtual tapes are uniquely identified by a barcode. You can add a prefix to the barcode. The prefix is optional, but you can use it to help identify your virtual tapes. The prefix must be uppercase letters (A–Z) and must be one to four characters long.

  7. Choose Create tapes.

  8. In the navigation pane, choose the Tapes tab to see your tapes.

The status of the virtual tapes is initially set to CREATING when the virtual tapes are being created. After the tapes are created, their status changes to AVAILABLE. For more information, see Managing Your Tape Gateway.

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