AWS Storage Gateway
User Guide (API Version 2013-06-30)

Using Your Backup Software to Test Your Gateway Setup

You test your tape gateway setup by performing the following tasks using your backup application:

  1. Configure the backup application to detect your storage devices.


    To improve I/O performance, we recommend setting the block size of the tape drives in your backup application to 1 MB For more information, see Use a Larger Block Size for Tape Drives.

  2. Back up data to a tape.

  3. Archive the tape.

  4. Retrieve the tape from the archive.

  5. Restore data from the tape.

To test your setup, use a compatible backup application, as described following.


Unless otherwise stated, all backup applications were qualified on Microsoft Windows.

For more information about compatible backup applications, see Supported Third-Party Backup Applications for a Tape Gateway.