AWS Storage Gateway
User Guide (API Version 2013-06-30)

Where Do I Go from Here?

In the preceding sections, you created and started using a file gateway, including mounting a file share and testing your setup.

Other sections of this guide include information about how to do the following:

Cleaning Up Resources You Don't Need

If you created your gateway as an example exercise or a test, consider cleaning up to avoid incurring unexpected or unnecessary charges.

To clean up resources you don't need

  1. Delete any snapshots. For instructions, see Deleting a Snapshot.

  2. Unless you plan to continue using the gateway, delete it. For more information, see Deleting Your Gateway by Using the AWS Storage Gateway Console and Removing Associated Resources.

  3. Delete the AWS Storage Gateway VM from your on-premises host. If you created your gateway on an Amazon EC2 instance, terminate the instance.