AWS Storage Gateway
User Guide (API Version 2013-06-30)

Synchronizing Your Gateway VM Time

For a gateway deployed on VMware ESXi, setting the hypervisor host time and synchronizing the VM time to the host is sufficient to avoid time drift. For more information, see Synchronizing VM Time with Host Time. For a gateway deployed on Microsoft Hyper-V, you should periodically check your VM's time using the procedure described following.

To view and synchronize the time of a Hyper-V gateway VM to a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server

  1. Log in to your gateway's local console:

  2. On the AWS Storage Gateway Configuration main menu, enter 4 for System Time Management.

  3. On the System Time Management menu, enter 1 for View and Synchronize System Time.

  4. If the result indicates that you should synchronize your VM's time to the NTP time, enter y. Otherwise, enter n.

    If you enter y to synchronize, the synchronization might take a few moments.

    The following screenshot shows a VM that doesn't require time synchronization.

    The following screenshot shows a VM that does require time synchronization.