Launching a gateway - AWS Storage Gateway

Launching a gateway

You can launch any of the three storage gateways on the appliance—file gateway, volume gateway (cached), or tape gateway.

To launch a gateway on your hardware appliance

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Storage Gateway console at

  2. Choose Hardware.

  3. For Actions, choose Launch Gateway.

  4. For Gateway Type, choose the type of gateway you want to create.


    Storage Gateway offers the following gateway types:

  5. For Gateway name, enter a name for your gateway. Names can be 255 characters long and can't include a slash character.

  6. Choose Launch gateway.

The Storage Gateway software for your chosen gateway type installs on the appliance. It can take up to 5–10 minutes for a gateway to show up as online in the console.

To assign a static IP address to your installed gateway, you next configure the gateway's network interfaces so your applications can use it.

Next step

Configuring an IP address for the gateway