AWS Storage Gateway
User Guide (API Version 2013-06-30)

Removing a Gateway From the Hardware Appliance

To remove gateway software from your hardware appliance, use the following procedure. After you do so, the gateway software is uninstalled from your hardware appliance.

To remove a gateway from a hardware appliance

  1. Choose the check box for the gateway.

  2. For Actions, choose Remove Gateway.

  3. In the Remove gateway from hardware appliance dialog box, choose Confirm.


    When you delete a gateway, you can't undo the action. For certain gateway types, you can lose data on deletion, particularly cached data. For more information on deleting a gateway, see Deleting Your Gateway by Using the AWS Storage Gateway Console and Removing Associated Resources.

Deleting a gateway doesn't delete the hardware appliance from the console. The hardware appliance remains for future gateway deployments.