AWS Storage Gateway
User Guide (API Version 2013-06-30)

Deploying a Volume or Tape Gateway on an Amazon EC2 Host

You can deploy and activate a volume or tape gateway on an Amazon EC2 instance. You can use gateways hosted on Amazon EC2 instances for disaster recovery and data mirroring. An EC2 Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is available in the AWS Marketplace. For volume gateway and tape gateways, we recommend using the Launch from Website option.


Amazon EC2 AMIs that are provided through AWS Marketplace might not be available in all AWS Regions.

Provisioning an Amazon EC2 Host from AWS Marketplace

To deploy a gateway on an Amazon EC2 instance

  1. Open the AWS Storage Gateway console at

  2. On the Select host platform page, choose Amazon EC2.

  3. Choose Launch with AWS Marketplace. You are redirected to AWS Marketplace, where you launch the EC2 AMI.

  4. On AWS Marketplace, choose Continue to Subscribe and choose Continue to Configuration on the next page. If this is your first time using a Storage Gateway AMI, accept the terms of service.

  5. On the Configure this Software page, choose a value for Fulfilment Option, Software Version, and Region, and then choose Continue to Launch.

  6. On the Launch this Software page, choose Launch from Website.

  7. For EC2 Instance Type, choose an instance type. For information about supported instance types, see Requirements for Amazon EC2 Instance Types.

  8. For Subnet Settings, choose the subnet that you want to launch your instance in.

  9. For Security Group Settings, choose a security group. You can choose the default security group for Storage Gateway.

    The Launch from Website feature comes with an autogenerated security group that is named AWS Storage Gateway-1-0-AutogenByAWSMP. For information about how to set up security group settings, see Configuring Security Groups for Your Amazon EC2 Gateway Instance.

  10. For Key Pair Settings, choose the key pair that you want to launch your AMI with. If you don't have a key pair, you can create one.

  11. Choose Launch and then choose EC2 Console to see your instance in the Amazon EC2 console.

    EC2 instances launched from the website come with one root Amazon EBS volume. If you need to add additional EBS volumes to your instance, do so as a separate step after your instance is launched. For information about how to add EBS volumes, see Attaching an Amazon EBS Volume to an Instance in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Linux Instances.

  12. In the Amazon EC2 console, choose your Amazon EC2 instance, choose the Description tab at the bottom, and then note the IP address. You use this IP address to connect to the gateway.