Managing Gateway Updates Using the AWS Storage Gateway Console - AWS Storage Gateway

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Managing Gateway Updates Using the AWS Storage Gateway Console

Storage Gateway periodically releases important software updates for your gateway. You can manually apply updates on the Storage Gateway Management Console, or wait until the updates are automatically applied during the configured maintenance schedule. Although Storage Gateway checks for updates every minute, it only goes through maintenance and restarts if there are updates.

Gateway software releases regularly include operating system updates and security patches that have been validated by AWS. These updates are typically released every six months, and are applied as part of the normal gateway update process during scheduled maintenance windows.


You should treat the Storage Gateway appliance as a managed embedded device, and should not attempt to access or modify its installation in any way. Attempting to install or update any software packages using methods other than the normal gateway update mechanism (for example, SSM or hypervisor tools) may cause the gateway to malfunction.

To modify the email address that software update notifications are sent, go to the Managing an AWS account page and update the alternate contact for "operations'.

Before any update is applied to your gateway, AWS notifies you with a message on the Storage Gateway console and your AWS Health Dashboard. For more information, see AWS Health Dashboard. The VM doesn't reboot, but the gateway is unavailable for a short period while it's being updated and restarted.

When you deploy and activate your gateway, a default weekly maintenance schedule is set. You can modify the maintenance schedule at any time. When updates are available, the Details tab displays a maintenance message. You can see the date and time that the last successful update was applied to your gateway on the Details tab.


You can minimize the chance of any disruption to your applications due to the gateway restart by increasing the timeouts of your iSCSI initiator. For more information about increasing iSCSI initiator timeouts for Windows and Linux, see Customizing Your Windows iSCSI Settings and Customizing Your Linux iSCSI Settings.

To modify the maintenance schedule

  1. Open the Storage Gateway console at

  2. On the navigation pane, choose Gateways, and choose the gateway that you want to modify the update schedule for.

  3. For Actions, choose Edit maintenance window to pen the Edit maintenance start time dialog box.

  4. For Schedule, choose Weekly or Monthly to schedule updates.

  5. If you choose Weekly, modify the values for Day of the week and Time.

    If you choose Monthly, modify the values for Day of the month and Time. If you choose this option and you get an error, it means your gateway is an older version and has not been upgraded to a newer version yet.


    The maximum value that can be set for day of the month is 28. If 28 is selected, the maintenance start time will be on the 28th day of every month.

    Your maintenance start time appears on the Details tab for the gateway next time that you open the Details tab.