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AWS Storage Gateway quotas

In this topic, you can find information about volume and tape quotas, configuration, and performance limits for Storage Gateway.

Quotas for volumes

The following table lists quotas for volumes.

Description Cached volumes Stored volumes

Maximum size of a volume


If you create a snapshot from a cached volume that is more than 16 TiB in size, you can restore it to a Storage Gateway volume but not to an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume.

32 TiB 16 TiB
Maximum number of volumes per gateway 32 32
Total size of all volumes for a gateway 1,024 TiB 512 TiB

Recommended local disk sizes for your gateway

The following table recommends sizes for local disk storage for your deployed gateway.

Gateway Type Cache (Minimum) Cache (Maximum) Upload Buffer (Minimum) Upload Buffer (Maximum) Other Required Local Disks
Cached volume gateway 150 GiB 64 TiB 150 GiB

2 TiB

Stored volume gateway 150 GiB

2 TiB

1 or more for stored volume or volumes

You can configure one or more local drives for your cache and upload buffer, up to the maximum capacity.

When adding cache or upload buffer to an existing gateway, it's important to create new disks in your host (hypervisor or Amazon EC2 instance). Don't change the size of existing disks if the disks have been previously allocated as either a cache or upload buffer.