Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
Developer Guide

Developing Consumers with Enhanced Fan-Out Using the Kinesis Client Library 2.0

Consumers that use enhanced fan-out in Amazon Kinesis Data Streams can receive records from a data stream with dedicated throughput of up to 2 MiB of data per second per shard. This type of consumer doesn't have to contend with other consumers that are receiving data from the stream. For more information, see Using Consumers with Enhanced Fan-Out .

You can use version 2.0 or later of the Kinesis Client Library (KCL) to develop applications that use enhanced fan-out to receive data from streams. The KCL automatically subscribes your application to all the shards of a stream, and ensures that your consumer application can read with a throughput value of 2 MiB/sec per shard. If you want to use the KCL without turning on enhanced fan-out, see Developing Consumers Using the Kinesis Client Library 2.0.