Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Amazon Sumerian Asset Packs

You can organize your assets and share them between scenes by creating a pack. Create a pack in the assets panel and move or copy assets into it.

Packs support the following actions:

  • – Create a new asset in the pack.

  • – Export the pack to the asset library.

  • – Delete any assets in the pack that are not used in the scene.

  • – Delete the asset pack.

Exporting a pack adds it to the project that you choose. If you don't have a project yet, create one in the dashboard. You can then use the dashboard to copy or move the pack to a different scene or project. Exported packs are not tied to the in-scene pack or its assets.

To add an asset to a pack and export it

  1. Open a scene in the Sumerian editor.

  2. Under Assets, choose Create pack.

  3. Choose the pack and modify the name, description, tags, and custom attributes in the inspector panel.

  4. Drag an asset from the default pack into the custom pack.


    Duplicate the item by selecting it and then clicking the duplicate icon. Drag the duplicate into the custom pack.

  5. Select the custom pack, and then click the asset library icon , or choose Add to asset library in the inspector panel.

  6. Choose an asset type for the asset pack.

  7. Choose Add to asset library.

  8. Choose a project, and then choose Select.