Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Asset Packs

The Assets page for a project shows asset packs that have been exported from a scene.

In the dashboard, you can change the name and description of a pack, and copy or move it to another project.

To manage an asset pack

  1. Open the Sumerian dashboard.

  2. Choose a project.

  3. Choose Assets.

  4. Choose an asset pack.

  5. Under Asset details, use one of the following options.

    • Thumbnail – Choose Browse to upload a thumbnail image.

    • Name – Change the asset pack name.

    • Description – Change the asset pack description.

    • Tags – Add tags to the asset pack for use with filters.

    • Actions

      • Move – Move the asset pack to a different project.

      • Copy – Copy the asset pack to a different project.

      • Delete – Send the asset pack to the Trash

Additional options for asset packs are available in the Sumerian editor.