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Using the Assets Panel in the Amazon Sumerian Editor

The assets panel shows all assets that belong to the scene. Assets are portable versions of entities or entity components. You can create them from external files or from entities that you create within the editor.

      The assets panel in the Sumerian editor.

To create an asset, drop a file from your machine, or an entity from the entities panel, onto the assets panel. Depending on the type of file, you may be able to split the file into multiple assets.

The Default Pack is included in every Sumerian scene. This pack is used to store default assets and any other assets that do not belong in a specific pack.

Sumerian now supports the ability to select multiple assets. To select multiple assets using the Assets panel select an asset, hold SHIFT and click another entity to select all the sequential entities between the two selected assets. Hold the CMD(Mac)/Ctrl(Windows) key to toggle the selection state of individual, or non-sequential assets.

Asset packs can also be imported using the import button (i.e. folder icon).

Available Actions Using the Assets Panel

  • Filter assets using the asset icons at the top of the panel

  • Create, manage, and move packs and assets

  • Drag and drop entity assets to canvas or Entities panel to add them to your scene

  • Drag and drop assets to Inspector panel to apply the asset to selected entities

  • Assets can also be applied to other assets, such as adding a behavior to a state machine component, or editing an entity-type-asset that is not in the scen

  • Assets that do not appear in the scene can be selected and edited in the Inspector panel

Action Buttons for Assets

The following buttons will appear when hovering over an asset.

  • Edit button to edit assets in the Inspector panel. This is only applicable to some assets

  • Dependencies button to to show asset dependencies (other assets that depend on the selected asset)

  • Duplicate button to duplicate assets

  • Delete button to delete assets. Note that assets used in the scene cannot be deleted

Action Buttons for Asset Packs

The following buttons will appear when hovering over an asset pack.

  • Create a new asset and add it to the selected pack

  • Add asset packs to the Asset Library

  • Delete unused dependencies from the selected pack

  • Delete the selected asset pack

For more information, see Amazon Sumerian Assets or check out the Assets Panel Deep Dive tutorial.