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Amazon Sumerian Editor Canvas

The WebGL-rendered viewport is located in the center of the Sumerian editor. Here you can navigate, inspect, and preview the contents of your scene.

        multiple entities selected and highlighted

The menu bar at the top of the canvas has options for camera, playback, and rendering. Many of the buttons also have equivalent keyboard commands.

Canvas Menu

        The canvas menu in the Sumerian editor.
  • – Change the transform handles to translate mode.

  • – Change the transform handles to rotation mode.

  • – Change the transform handles to scale mode.

  • – Switch between relative and absolute positioning.

  • – Choose the render mode for the canvas.

  • – Show or hide the skybox texture.

  • – Show or hide the grid.

  • – Show or hide post effects.

  • – View the scene with a preset camera.

  • – Fill the canvas with the selected entity.

  • – Fill the canvas with all entities in the scene.

  • – Fill the screen with the canvas.

  • – Hide or show side panels.

  • – Preview the rendered scene in the canvas.

Editor Camera Controls

Editor Camera Mouse and Keyboard Controls

  • Right-Drag – Orbit around the position in the center of the canvas.

  • Left-Drag + SHIFT + Option(Mac)/Alt(Windows) – Pan left or right, up or down.

  • Middle-Drag – Pan left or right, up or down.

  • Scroll Wheel – Zoom in/out. Note that the editor camera can only zoom in as far as transform value of the selected entity.

Note: Trackpads are supported by Sumerian. Trackpad controls will use the respective mouse actions defined by the settings on your computer

By default, middle-clicking in Firefox enables autoscroll. To use the middle button to pan within a Sumerian scene, you will need to change your browser settings:

  1. Open up a new tab in your browser.

  2. Type in about:config in the URL search bar.

  3. Search for general.autoScroll in the Preference search bar.

  4. Once general.autoScroll populates, double-click the true value to make it false.

      updating Firefox browser settings

Multi-Selecting Entities

Sumerian now supports the ability to select multiple entities. To select multiple entities using the canvas, Left-Drag your cursor to create a blue bounding box. All entities whose individual bounding boxes intersect, or are enclosed in the box, will be selected. Additional entities can be added to the selection by holding SHIFT + Left-Drag to create another bounding box. Entities can be subtracted from the selection by selecting them while holding CMD(Mac)/Ctrl(Windows).

        Multi selecting entities in the canvas

Once multiple entities are selected each entity will be highlighted.

        multiple entities selected and highlighted

If multiple entities are selected you can performing the following actions:

  • Delete all entities by clicking the delete button in the Entities panel.

  • Duplicate all entities by clicking the duplicate button in the Entities panel.

  • Change Transform values by moving the canvas handles. The Transform handles will be placed at the average position of all selected entities.

Note that if multiple entities are selected, the Inspector panel will be disabled.

      inspector disabled