Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Amazon Sumerian Editor Canvas

The WebGL-rendered viewport is located in the center of the Sumerian editor. Here you can navigate, inspect, and preview the contents of your scene.

The menu bar at the top of the canvas has options for camera, playback, and rendering. Many of the buttons also have equivalent keyboard commands.

Canvas Menu

        The canvas menu in the Sumerian editor.
  • – Hide or show side panels.

  • – Change the transform handles to translate mode.

  • – Change the transform handles to rotation mode.

  • – Change the transform handles to scale mode.

  • – Switch between relative and absolute positioning.

  • – Preview the rendered scene in the canvas.

  • – Choose the render mode for the canvas.

  • – Show or hide the skybox texture.

  • – Show or hide the grid.

  • – Show or hide post effects.

  • – View the scene with a preset camera.

  • – Fill the canvas with the selected entity.

  • – Fill the canvas with all entities in the scene.

  • – Fill the screen with the canvas.