Using the Entities Panel in the Amazon Sumerian Editor - Amazon Sumerian

Using the Entities Panel in the Amazon Sumerian Editor

The entities panel shows you a scene's entities in a hierarchy, starting with the scene itself. An entity can be a child of the scene or of another entity. When you choose the scene in the entities panel, the inspector panel (on the right side of the editor) shows the scene's settings. When you choose an entity, the inspector panel shows the entity's components.

      The scene node in the entities panel.

Organize your entities by their physical or logical relationship to other entities. An entity's position, rotation, and scale are relative to its parent. When you move the parent, the child moves as well. To change an entity's parent, drag and drop it onto the new parent in the entities panel.

Entities panel controls

  • – Collapse the entity to hide its children in the entities panel.

  • – Hide or show an entity in the canvas.

  • – Duplicate an entity.

  • – Delete an entity.

  • – Undo or redo changes.

Double click an entity's name to rename it. Double click the entity's icon to frame it in the canvas.

Hierarchy Navigaton using the Arrow Keys

Use the keyboard arrows to navigate selections in the Entities panel. The UP and DOWN arrows move the selection up and down through displayed entities in the hierarchy when a single entity is selected.

The LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys navigate up/down to sibling entities (entities that share the same parent). If a parent entity is expanded the LEFT arrow keys in the hierarchy. will collapise it. If a parent entity is not expanded the RIGHT arrow keys will expand the entity to display the child entities.

Lastly, if an entity is selected but hidden by a collapsed parent or grandparent entity, clicking any of the four arrow keys will make the selection visible on the first click. After this expansion, the arrow keys will return to their normal functions.

Note that when multiple entities (non-siblings) are selected the arrow keys cannot be used to navigate.

Multi-Selecting Entities

Sumerian now supports the ability to select multiple entities. To select multiple entities in the Entities panel select an entity, hold SHIFT and click another entity to select all the sequential entities between the two selected entities. The scene node (the top level entity) cannot be included in a selection of multiple entities.

        Multi selecting with shift in the entities panel

Hold the CMD(Mac)/Ctrl(Windows) key to toggle the selection state of individual, or non-sequential entities.

          Multi selecting with shift in the entities panel

Once multiple entities are selected each entity will be highlighted in the canvas.

        multiple entities selected and highlighted

If multiple entities are selected you can perform the following actions:

  • Delete all entities by clicking the delete button in the Entities panel

  • Duplicate all entities by clicking the duplicate button in the Entities panel

  • Change Transform values by moving the canvas handles

  • Reparenting - moving child entities from one parent to another

Note that if multiple entities are selected, the Inspector panel will be disabled.

      inspector disabled