Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Publishing Scenes in the Amazon Sumerian Editor

Publish your Amazon Sumerian scene to share it with users on the internet. When you publish a scene, Sumerian creates a static website with your scene and hosts it on Amazon CloudFront. You can link users directly to the scene, or embed it in a frame in your website.

You can also deploy a scene for use with AWS Amplify. When you choose a private deployment, Sumerian generates a configuration file that you can load into your web app to embed a scene that can only be accessed with credentials from Amazon Cognito.

To publish a scene

  1. Open your scene in the Sumerian editor.

  2. Choose Publish.

  3. Choose Create public link or Host privately.

  4. Choose Publish.

For a public scene, open the URL to view it. This URL is publicly hosted with Amazon CloudFront and can be viewed by anyone.

For a private scene, load the configuration file into your Amplify app with the XR module. For more information, see AWS Amplify.

With Amplify, access to your scene is granted to users who log in with Amazon Cognito. For details about adding permissions to your app's identity pool, see Restricting Access to a Published Scene.