Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Keyboard and Mouse Controls for the Amazon Sumerian Editor

The default camera that Sumerian adds to every scene supports mouse controls for pan, zoom, and orbiting around the camera's anchor point. To move the camera, press and hold a mouse button while you move the mouse. If you only have one mouse button, you can use a keyboard key plus mouse button combination to perform the same movements.

Camera Movement

  • Zoom in or outMouse wheel scroll up or down

  • PanMouse wheel button, or Shift+Left mouse button

  • OrbitRight mouse button, or Alt+Left mouse button

The Sumerian editor provides keyboard equivalents of most of the canvas menu buttons. Use the bottom row of keys to switch between preset camera views, and the F key to fill the canvas with a single entity. The space bar hides the side panels to let the canvas fill the screen.


  • Frame entityF

  • Frame allShift+F

  • Bottom and top viewsV

  • Back and front viewsC

  • Left and right viewsX

  • Editor camera viewZ

  • Show and hide side barsSpace

Select entities by clicking them in either the editor or the Entities panel. With an entity selected, use the following commands to speed up editing.


  • Delete entityBackspace or Delete

  • Duplicate entityCtrl +D

  • Translate handlesW

  • Rotation handlesE

  • Scale handlesR

  • Switch between global and relative transformG

  • UndoCtrl +Z

  • RedoCtrl +Shift +Z

Use the following commands to open the text editor, timeline editor, and publishing menu.


  • Text editorJ

  • TimelineT

  • PublishCtrl +Shift +P

With the timeline open, use the following commands to adjust keyframes and playheads.


  • Move keyframe leftLeft (fast), Ctrl +Left (slow)

  • Move keyframe rightRight (fast), Ctrl +Right (slow)

  • Move playhead leftShift +Left (fast), Ctrl +Shift +Left (slow)

  • Move playhead rightShift +Right (fast), Ctrl +Shift +Right (slow)

  • Align keyframe leftCtrl +Alt +1

  • Align keyframe centerCtrl +Alt +2

  • Align keyframe rightCtrl +Alt +3

  • Move keyframe to startHome

  • Move keyframe to endEnd