Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Using the Tools in the Amazon Sumerian Editor

The Sumerian editor has three tool panels for working with complex assets and components:

  • The text editor provides an interface for authoring scripts, JSON documents, and speech files.

  • The timeline editor animates entities between keyframes.

  • The state machine editor lets you visually construct and connect state machine behaviors and actions.

Text Editor

The text editor lets you view and modify all text assets in the scene, including scripts, JSON documents, and speech files.

        The Sumerian text editor.

To use the text editor, choose Tools, Text editor. Or press the J key.

The Documents panel lists the text assets in your scene. Click one to open it in a tab. To rename an asset, highlight it and click the pencil icon.

When you open a script, the External Resources panel appears. You can use this panel to import librariesfrom the internet that your script depends on. See External Dependencies for more information.

State Machine Editor

The state machine editor provides a visual representation of the actions and behaviors attached to a state machine component.

        The Sumerian state machine editor.

To use the state machine editor, click the pencil icon next to a behavior in the assets panel or on a state machine component.

The state machine editor shows a box for each behavior. Each box has a stack of actions, listed in the order that they execute. When an action transitions to another behavior, an arrow connects the action to the target behavior. Click an action and drag the cursor to a behavior to create a transition between the two.

For more information, see Amazon Sumerian State Machines.


Use timelines to move, rotate, or change the scale of entities over time. You can set the start and end values of these properties, and add keyframes to control the speed or direction of the animation along the way. The timeline can also emit custom events, which can be consumed from a state machine or script.

        The Sumerian timeline editor.

For more information, see Amazon Sumerian Timeline Component.