Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Amazon Sumerian Host Component

A host is an asset provided by Sumerian that has built in animation, speech, and behavior for interacting with users. Add a host to your scene from the asset library.

When you add a host to your scene, it includes a Host component for configuring the host's behavior, and a speech component that you can use to configure the host's voice and script.


  • Point of interest – Set to Look at entity to keep the host's eyes trained on a camera, object, or other entity during playback.

  • Target entity – Drop an entity here to set it as the host's point of interest.

  • Lip sync – Play lip sync animations during speech.

  • Gestures – Play gesture animations during speech.

  • Gesture hold time – Set the number of seconds to play a gesture animation.

  • Minimum gesture period – Set the number of seconds to wait after a gesture is complete before another gesture can occur.