Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Amazon Sumerian Light Component

The light component adds a light source to the entity.


  • Type

    • Point – Emit light in all directions from a point in space, like a flame.

    • Directional – Emit light uniformly over the entire scene, like the sun.

    • Spot – Emit light in a cone, like a spotlight.

  • Color – The color of the light.

  • Intensity – The intensity of the light (typically between 0 and 1).

  • Specular – The intensity of the specular light (typically between 0 and 1).

  • Range (point and spot) –

  • Cone angle (spot) – The angle of the cone at the light source, in degrees.

  • Penumbra (spot) – The intensity of the light near the edges of the cone.

  • Projection (directional and spot) – Upload a texture to apply to the light.

  • Shadows (directional and spot) – Cast shadows from objects that the light hits.