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Amazon Sumerian Physics (Collider and Rigid Body)

The primary components that produce physics within Amazon Sumerian are the collider component and the rigid body component. The rigid body component is mainly responsible for tracking the position, rotation, and linear and angular velocity of a physical object. This component carries many properties but at its core, a rigid body component makes an entity respond to gravitational pull. The collider component is responsible for calculating and detecting collisions between physical objects. It tells the Sumerian engine to treat an entity as a physical object. Otherwise, objects would just pass through one another. A collider component can also act as a trigger, or a motion sensor. Other physical objects passing through a collider component trigger a responsive action. Together, these components make it possible to create physical behaviors.

The default physics system used by Amazon Sumerian is Cannon.js. You can also elect to use a different physics system, PhysX, an implementation that is currently in preview for Amazon Sumerian.

Enabling PhysX in Preview

To use PhysX in prevew:

  1. In the Entities panel, select the root entity.

        The Sumerian entities panel with root entity selected
  2. Navigate to the Inspector panel and select the details component, the top tab which contains the name of your scene.

          The Sumerian inspector panel
  3. In this step you will add key-value pairs under Custom Attributes. In the Key box, type Sumerian.DisabledEngineFeatures. In the Value box, type cannonphysics. Click the + to add the key-value pair.

          The Sumerian inspector panel custom attributes
  4. Click the + button again to populate another key-value pair. In the Key box, type Sumerian.EnabledEngineFeatures. In the Value box, type physxpack. Click the + to add the key-value pair.

  5. Click the scene drop down menu (top left of the editor) and choose Save.

  6. Refresh your browser.

Your Custom Attributes should look like the following:

      switching physics systems

As we are testing PhysX in preview, please provide us feedback and share your thoughts on how it is performing!