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Amazon Sumerian Transform Component

The transform component defines an entity’s position in 3D space. It contains the local transform values of the component –translation, rotation, and scale. The transform is relative to its parent.


  • Translation – Position of the object relative to its parent.

  • Rotation – Rotation of the object in degrees.

  • Scale – Scaling factor of the object. One unit is approximately equal to one meter in length.

  • Uniform scale – Maintains scale proportions when a value is modified on any axis.

  • Static – Flag entities in your scene that do not move. During playback, Sumerian combines static entities with others that use the same material to improve performance. Use scene stats to see how this affects the number of draw calls required to render your scene.

Translatiion controls the location of an entity within a scene.

Rotation controls how an entity is rotated along it's own X, Y, and Z axes.

Scale controls the size of an entity. Entities can scale on the X, Y, and Z axes.