Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Amazon Sumerian VR Camera Rig Component

The VR camera rig component configures a virtual reality (VR) headset and controllers for use in VR mode during playback. When a user has a supported headset, they can click the VR button to switch between the main camera and the head mounted display (HMD) camera that represents a VR headset.

Supported VR Headsets

  • Oculus Rift

  • Oculus Go

  • HTC Vive

  • HTC Vive Pro

  • Lenovo Mirage Solo

  • Samsung Gear VR

  • Google Daydream

Attach the VR camera rig component to an entity with child entities for the HMD camera and each VR controller. The CoreVR asset pack in the Sumerian library contains a rig entity with an HMD camera and controllers for each supported headset.


  • Load gamepads – Deselect to disable controllers.

  • Start at current camera – Deselect to use the camera from its transform location, instead of swapping out the main camera for the VR rig when the user enters VR mode.

  • Current VR camera rig – Select to use this rig in VR mode.