Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Configuring Environment Settings for Your Amazon Sumerian Scene

Use environment settings to configure your scene's background image, ambient lighting, and weather.

To configure environment settings

  1. Open a scene in the Sumerian editor.

  2. Choose the root node in the Entities panel.

  3. Expand the Environment section in the inspector panel.

            The environment section.
  4. Configure the following settings:

    • Background – Set the background color of the scene, and its opacity.

      To make the background transparent, set Opacity to 0. If you add a skybox, background settings have no effect.

    • Skybox – Use an image as the background of the scene. You can drop an existing skybox from the assets panel, or choose the plus icon to create a new skybox.

    • Ambient – Add ambient light to light all objects in the scene. Ambient light doesn't affect the skybox.

    • Fog – Add fog to the scene. Fog starts occluding objects in the scene at Fog near units from the camera, and strengthens until Fog far units, where the fog becomes completely opaque.

    • Particles – Add animated snow-like particles to the background of the scene.


      • Velocity – The speed of the falling particles.

      • Rate – The number of particles that appear per second.

      • Height – The height at which the particles will appear, relative to the camera height.