Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Viewing Performance Information for Your Amazon Sumerian Scene

The Scene stats section gives you some performance statistics about the current scene.

To view your scene's stats

  1. Open a scene in the Sumerian editor.

  2. Choose the root node in the Entities panel.

  3. Expand the Scene stats section in the inspector panel.

            The scene stats section.


  • FPS – The number of frames rendered per second.

  • Draw calls – The number of draw calls made per frame.

  • Entities – The number of visible entities.

  • Lights – The number of lights being rendered.

  • Shadow casters – The number of shadow casters being rendered.

  • Shaders – The number of shaders being rendered.

  • Texture size – The current texture size in the GPU.

  • Triangles – The number of triangles being rendered.

To improve performance, try reducing the number of draw calls, lights, and shaders.