Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Audio and Camera State Machine Actions in Amazon Sumerian

You can use state machine actions in Amazon Sumerian to control audio settings and the scene camera.

Audio Actions

  • Mute, Toggle mute, and Unmute – Mute or unmute sounds in the scene. Toggle mute mutes if sound is currently unmuted and vice-versa.

  • Play sound, Pause sound, and Stop sound – Play, pause, or stop a sound from the entity's sound component.

  • Sound fade in and Sound fade out – Start or stop a sound with a fade.

  • Start microphone recording – Start recording audio from microphone input.

  • Stop microphone recording – Stop recording audio from microphone input and store it on the entity. The audio can then be used by the Send audio input to dialogue bot action.

Camera actions interact with the entity's camera component.

Camera Actions

  • Dolly zoom – Perform a dolly zoom.

  • Switch camera – Switch to a different camera.