Amazon Sumerian
User Guide

Effects and Lighting State Machine Actions in Amazon Sumerian

You can use state machine actions in Amazon Sumerian to modify scene lighting or add special effects.

Effects and Lighting Actions

  • Add light – Add a point light to the entity.

          Add light action adds a point light to the entity
  • Set light properties – Modify a light component's properties.

  • Remove light – Remove the entity's light component.

  • Tween light – Smoothly transition between two light colors.

  • Fire FX – Make the entity emit fire. To extinguish the fire, use the Remove particles action.

          Fire particle effects
  • Smoke FX – Make an entity emit smoke. To cancel the smoke emitter, use the Remove particles action.

          Smoke particle effects
  • Start particle system and Stop particle system – Start or stop a particle emitter.

  • Pause particle system – Pause a particle system.

  • Remove particles – Remove any particle emitter attached to the entity

          Removing particle effects from an entity
  • Toggle post effects – Enable or disable all post effects in the scene.