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Amazon Sumerian Editor

The Sumerian editor provides an interface for easily importing assets, building a scene, and publishing the scene on the internet.

      The Sumerian editor.

When you load a scene in the Sumerian editor, you can see a menu bar at the top of the screen, the entities panel, the assets panel, the canvas, and the inspector panel. This menu bar provides menus for navigating between scenes, accessing tools, and publishing.

Top bar

        The Sumerian editor top bar.
  • Scene – Return to the dashboard, open a recent scene, or export the scene.

  • Tools – Access the text editor, behavior editor, and timeline editor.

  • Create entity – Add a shape, light, camera, or blank entity to the scene.

  • Import assets – Open the asset library.

  • Help – View the shortcut list or submit feedback.

  • Username – Log out.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen shows updates about save, import, and rendering operations.

Status bar

        The Sumerian editor status bar.
  • Progress bar – Shows information about the current activity, such as model uploading.

  • Path – The current user, project, and scene.

The following topics describe the menu options in each of the areas of the editor.