Delete OpsItems - AWS Systems Manager

Delete OpsItems

You can delete an individual OpsItem by calling the DeleteOpsItem API operation using the AWS Command Line Interface or the AWS SDK. You can't delete an OpsItem in the AWS Management Console. To delete an OpsItem, your AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user, group, or role must have either administrator permission or you must have been granted permission to call the DeleteOpsItem API operation.


Note the following important information about this operation.

  • Deleting an OpsItem is irreversible. You can't restore a deleted OpsItem.

  • This operation uses an eventual consistency model, which means the system can take a few minutes to complete this operation. If you delete an OpsItem and immediately call, for example, GetOpsItem, the deleted OpsItem might still appear in the response.

  • This operation is idempotent. The system doesn't throw an exception if you repeatedly call this operation for the same OpsItem. If the first call is successful, all additional calls return the same successful response as the first call.

  • This operation doesn't support cross-account calls. A delegated administrator or management account can't delete OpsItems in other accounts, even if OpsCenter has been set up for cross-account administration. For more information about cross-account administration, see (Optional) Setting up OpsCenter to centrally manage OpsItems across accounts.

  • If you receive the OpsItemLimitExceededException, you can delete one or more OpsItems to reduce your total number of OpsItems below the quota limits. For more information about this exception, see Troubleshooting issues with OpsCenter.

Deleting an OpsItem

Use the following procedure to delete an OpsItem.

To delete an OpsItem
  1. Install and configure the AWS CLI, if you haven't already. For more information, see Installing or updating the latest version of the AWS CLI.

  2. Run the following command. Replace ID with the ID of the OpsItem you want to delete.

    aws ssm delete-ops-item --OpsItemId ID

If successful, the command returns no data.