Viewing log groups and log data - AWS Systems Manager

Viewing log groups and log data

In Application Manager, a component of AWS Systems Manager, the Logs tab displays a list of log groups from Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

Actions you can perform on this tab

You can perform the following actions on this page:

  • Choose a log group name to open it in CloudWatch Logs. You can then choose a log stream to view logs for a resource in the context of an application.

  • Choose Create log groups to create a log group in CloudWatch Logs.

To open the Logs tab

  1. Open the AWS Systems Manager console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Application Manager.

  3. In the Applications section, choose a category. If you want to open an application you created manually in Application Manager, choose Custom applications.

  4. Choose the application in the list. Application Manager opens the Overview tab.

  5. Choose the Logs tab.