Uninstall a package - AWS Systems Manager

Uninstall a package

You can use the AWS Management Console or the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to uninstall Distributor packages from your AWS Systems Manager managed nodes by using Run Command. Distributor and Run Command are capabilities of AWS Systems Manager. In this release, you can uninstall one version of one package per command. You can uninstall a specific version or the default version.

Uninstalling a package (console)

You can use Run Command in the Systems Manager console to uninstall a package one time. Distributor uses AWS Systems Manager Run Command to uninstall packages.

To uninstall a package (console)
  1. Open the AWS Systems Manager console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/systems-manager/.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Run Command.

  3. On the Run Command home page, choose Run command.

  4. Choose the AWS-ConfigureAWSPackage command document.

  5. From Action, choose Uninstall

  6. For Name, enter the name of the package that you want to uninstall.

  7. For Targets, choose how you want to target your managed nodes. You can specify a tag key and values that are shared by the targets. You can also specify targets by choosing attributes, such as an ID, platform, and SSM Agent version.

  8. You can use the advanced options to add comments about the operation, change Concurrency and Error threshold values in Rate control, specify output options, or configure Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notifications. For more information, see Running Commands from the Console in this guide.

  9. When you're ready to uninstall the package, choose Run, and then choose View results.

  10. In the commands list, choose the AWS-ConfigureAWSPackage command that you ran. If the command is still in progress, choose the refresh icon in the top-right corner of the console.

  11. When the Status column shows Success or Failed, choose the Output tab.

  12. Choose View output. The command output page shows the results of your command execution.

Uninstalling a package (AWS CLI)

You can use the AWS CLI to uninstall a Distributor package from managed nodes by using Run Command.

To uninstall a package (AWS CLI)
  • Run the following command in the AWS CLI.

    aws ssm send-command \ --document-name "AWS-ConfigureAWSPackage" \ --instance-ids "instance-IDs" \ --parameters '{"action":["Uninstall"],"name":["package-name (in same account) or package-ARN (shared from different account)"]}'

    The following is an example.

    aws ssm send-command \ --document-name "AWS-ConfigureAWSPackage" \ --instance-ids "i-02573cafcfEXAMPLE" \ --parameters '{"action":["Uninstall"],"name":["Test-ConfigureAWSPackage"]}'

For information about other options you can use with the send-command command, see send-command in the AWS Systems Manager section of the AWS CLI Command Reference.