AWS Systems Manager
User Guide

Systems Manager Maintenance Window Tutorials (AWS CLI)

This section includes several tutorials to help you learn how to use the AWS CLI to create, configure, update, view information about, and delete Maintenance Windows.

Before You Begin: Verify or Complete Setup Prerequisites

Before attempting these tutorials, make sure you have completed the following tasks:

Task 1: Download and configure the AWS CLI

For information, see Installing the AWS Command Line Interface and Configuring the AWS CLI.

Task 2: Configure Maintenance Window roles and permissions

For information, see Controlling Access to Maintenance Windows.

Task 3: Create or configure Systems Manager-compatible instances

For information about configuring one or more instances on which to run the Maintenance Windows you create, see Task 2: Create an Instance Profile for Systems Manager and Task 3: Create an Amazon EC2 Instance that Uses the Systems Manager Instance Profile in the Setting Up AWS Systems Manager section of this user guide.

Task 4: Create additional resources as needed

If a Maintenance Window task type you want to run requires additional resources, you should create them first. For example, if you want to create a Maintenance Window for an AWS Lambda type task, create the Lambda function before you begin.

However, many Run Command type tasks do not require you to create any resources beyond those listed in this "Before You Begin" section. For that reason, we recommend that you create a Maintenance Window for a Run Command type task your first time through the tutorial.