AWS managed runbooks that run scripts - AWS Systems Manager

AWS managed runbooks that run scripts

Automation runbooks support running scripts as part of the automation. Automation is a capability of AWS Systems Manager.

The following are AWS managed runbooks that include support for running scripts.


You can also create your own custom runbooks that can run scripts. For information, see Creating runbooks that run scripts.

  • AWS-CreateRdsSnapshot – Creates an Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) snapshot for an Amazon RDS instance.

  • AWS-CreateServiceNowIncident – Creates an incident in the ServiceNow incident table.

  • AWS-ExportOpsDataToS3 – Retrieves a list of OpsData summaries in AWS Systems Manager Explorer and exports them to an object in a specified S3 bucket.

  • AWS-RunCfnLint – Uses an AWS CloudFormation Linter (cfn-python-lint) to validate YAML and JSON templates against the AWS CloudFormation resource specification. This runbook is using cfn-lint v0.24.4.

  • AWS-RunPacker – Uses the HashiCorp Packertool tool to validate, fix, or build packer templates that are used to create machine images. This runbook is using Packer v1.4.4.