Troubleshooting problems with Systems Manager Inventory - AWS Systems Manager

Troubleshooting problems with Systems Manager Inventory

This topic includes information about how to troubleshoot common errors or problems with Systems Manager Inventory.

Inventory execution status never exits pending

If an inventory execution never exits the Pending status, it means the instance does not have enough permission to run Systems Manager Inventory. Verify that the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) instance profile includes the AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore managed policy. For information about how to add this policy to an instance profile, see Task 2: Add permissions to a Systems Manager instance profile (console).


At a minimum, the instance profile must have the following IAM permissions.

{ "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "ssm:DescribeAssociation", "ssm:ListAssociations", "ssm:ListInstanceAssociations", "ssm:PutInventory", "ssm:PutComplianceItems", "ssm:UpdateAssociationStatus", "ssm:UpdateInstanceAssociationStatus", "ssm:UpdateInstanceInformation", "ssm:GetDocument", "ssm:DescribeDocument" ], "Resource": "*" } ] }

The AWS-ListWindowsInventory document fails to run

The AWS-ListWindowsInventory document is deprecated. Don't use this document to collect inventory. Instead, use one of the processes described in Configuring inventory collection.

Console doesn't display Inventory Dashboard | Detailed View | Settings tabs

The Inventory Detailed View page is only available in AWS Regions that offer Amazon Athena. If the following tabs are not displayed on the Inventory page, it means Athena is not available in the Region and you can't use the Detailed View to query data.

                    Displaying Inventory Dashboard | Detailed View | Settings tabs


If the detailed status of an inventory association shows UnsupportedAgent, and the Association status shows Failed, then the version of SSM Agent on the instance is not correct. To create a global inventory association (to inventory all instances in your AWS account) for example, you must use SSM Agent version 2.0.790.0 or later. You can view the agent version running on each of your instances on the Managed Instances page in the Agent version column. For information about how to update SSM Agent on your instances, see Update SSM Agent by using Run Command.


If the status of the inventory association for an instance shows Skipped, this means that you created a global inventory association, but the skipped instance already had an inventory association assigned to it. The global inventory association was not assigned to this instance, and no inventory was collected by the global inventory association. However, the instance will still report inventory data when the specific inventory association runs.


If the status of the inventory association for an instance shows Failed, this could mean that the instance has multiple inventory associations assigned to it. An instance can only have one inventory association assigned at a time. An inventory association uses the AWS-GatherSoftwareInventory SSM document. You can run the following command by using the AWS CLI to view a list of associations for an instance.

aws ssm describe-instance-associations-status --instance-id instance ID